Since early childhood, I have been fascinated by nature and the living world. I quickly developed concern for our fragile ecosystem and the environment, which led me to complete a MSc in Animal Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution, and I worked in different wildlife conservation projects, particularly in Africa. During these years, I understood the importance of visual communication in our society and its impact on the public, which led me to Canada to complete a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Visual Communication. Throughout this programme, I discovered a passion for filmmaking and since then, I have been working in freelance as a videographer and filmmaker, both on solo projects and in collaboration with others.

In Switzerland and abroad, I have worked for NGOs; small ecological, scientific or sustainability projects; and with environmental activists and organic farming projects. I have also had the chance to work twice with First Nation Communities.

My goal is to reconnect humans to the environment. A film is a powerful tool to share a story or project, to open consciences and change behaviours.

Anne-Sophie Blanc portrait